St. Gerald - Ralston, NE - Adoration Signup

Make a regular commitment to Eucharistic Adoration.

If you don't see your preferred hour available or you'd like to sign up for a shorter commitment, please contact us.
Time Adorers
Time Adorers
Time Adorers
8:00am Donna Sobczyk
Gerald Hunt
9:00am Lou D’Ercole
Kathy D’Ercole
Barbara Welshinger
10:00am Julie Carroll
Rita Carlson
Marge Harman
11:00am Luzviminda Andal
Andy Andal
Patricia Harkness
12:00pm Tom & Sue Korgie
Pat Seier ( for email)
Roger and Mary Stracke
1:00pm Rita Guenette
Patti and Joe Neuberger
Beverly Hazuka
2:00pm Elizabeth McElligott
Connie and Ron Zubrod
Mike Finnigan
3:00pm Marilyn Brennan
David Lazure
4:00pm Lynn Turco
Barb McCaw
Josie Estrada
5:00pm Wayne Reed
Angie Luna
Steve Luna
6:00pm Bob and Darcy MURPHY
Deb Fortina
Connie Farrell
7:00pm Kevin and Melody Makovicka
Mark McDonald
8:00pm Jose Torres
Nelly Rubio
9:00pm Erin Wilson
Mary Hunt
Emily Ryan
10:00pm Megan Seamann
Joni Plambeck
11:00pm John Alagaban
Debbie Grancer
Time Adorers
12:00am John Yochum
Paula Szczepaniak
1:00am Paula Szczepaniak
Sue Trigg
2:00am Sue Trigg
Sam Judkins
3:00am Joe Baratta
Sam Judkins
4:00am Joe Baratta
Sam Judkins
5:00am Jim and Betty Ripa
Lisa Steinke
6:00am Verl and Joan Squire
Kim Corcoran
7:00am Karen Petranick
Gary Gayle Thibault
8:00am John Bystrom
Mary Bystrom
Deb Fortina
9:00am Marcia Chiarbos
Sherri Turpen
Darlene Drefs
10:00am Don & Janelle Kleffner
Al Goblirsch ( call for notifications)
Ramona Kowal
11:00am Flo Edge
Sue Canterbury
12:00pm Barbara Krzemien
Jodi Kozol (email)
1:00pm Bill Wachtler
Jean Rowan
Elizabeth Thiele
2:00pm Gary Harkness
Pam True
Cathy Spicka
3:00pm Tony Jones
Kathy Maly
4:00pm Beverly Campbell
Betty McEvoy ( call home phone)
5:00pm Deb Scott
Kevin and Melody Makovicka
7:00pm Lynn Snodgrass
Heather Hruby
8:00pm Brian Barnes
Margaret Cotton
Janeth Vargas
9:00pm Rosemarie Sand
Barbara Considine
Ana Pliego
10:00pm Eyram Kueviakoe
Barb Hauptman
11:00pm Kay Goodro
Deb & Glen Bennett
Time Adorers
Time Adorers
Time Adorers