Immaculate Heart - Crosslake, MN - Adoration Signup

Make a regular committment to Eucharistic Adoration.

If you don't see your hour available or you'd like to sign up for a shorter commitment, please contact us.
Time Adorers
Time Adorers
9:00am Tim & Sandy Dircks
10:00am Delores Rubald
11:00am Carole Hiller
12:00pm Dodo Fraser
1:00pm Mary Hagen
2:00pm Brynn Ledermann
3:00pm 1-Betty Schlapkohl
2-Sharon Rosburg
3-Joan Johnson
4-Pam Cunningham
4:00pm Lisa Poirier
5:00pm Tracy Tschida
Joann Baxter
Time Adorers
5:00pm Pete & Polly Abler
6:00pm Erica Organista
7:00pm Lisa Poirier
8:00pm Nicholas Nierenhausen
9:00pm Tom & Jan Craig
10:00pm Dawn Maucieri
Joan Johnson
11:00pm Jean Hummel
Gary Villella
Time Adorers
12:00am Mick Bourassa
1:00am Betty & Dan Soller
2:00am Betty & Dan Soller
3:00am Chrissy Thell
4:00am Stephanie Nierenhausen
5:00am Pam Cunningham
Norma Leifeld
6:00am Brynn Ledermann
7:00am Mary & Kelly Conger
8:00am Katie Sax
9:00am Joan Johnson
Donna Winge
10:00am Sharon Rosburg
Delores Rubald
11:00am Mary Dischinger
Agnes Farnam
12:00pm Steph & Greg Nierenhausen
1:00pm Addie Baumann
2:00pm Betty Schlapkohl
3:00pm Jim & Bobbi Shallman
4:00pm Dodo Fraser
Michael Fraser
5:00pm Liz & Dick Nuss
6:00pm Denny & Mary Dischinger
7:00pm Mick Bourassa
Time Adorers
Time Adorers
Time Adorers