St. Louis - Batesville, IN - Adoration Signup

Make a regular commitment to Eucharistic Adoration.

If you don't see your preferred hour available or you'd like to sign up for a shorter commitment, please contact us.
Time Adorers
12:00am Charles Harrah
1:00am Bruce and Joanne Dickman
2:00am Dan Wessel
3:00am Gary Kuntz
4:00am Aaron and Kate Nobbe
5:00am Patty Mauer
6:00am Bob and Autumn Hurm
7:00am Agnes/Marcy Volk
8:00am Shirley Schwartz
9:00am Mary Jo Mahle
10:00am Laurie Husted
11:00am Pat Weigel
12:00pm Mary Back
1:00pm Amy Tonges
2:00pm Rita Livers
3:00pm Carol Niese
4:00pm Erma Hartman
5:00pm Mary Edwards
6:00pm Jenny and Denny Lents
7:00pm Carrie Wesseler
8:00pm Mike Gerstbauer
9:00pm Susan Vergamini
10:00pm Alicia and Jared Prickel
Maureen Harpring
11:00pm Marge Walke
Time Adorers
12:00am Darlene Hirt
1:00am Ken Pahren
2:00am Ken Pahren
3:00am Ken Pahren
4:00am Doug Amberger
5:00am Ken and Deb Wanstrath
6:00am Angie and Sebastian Moster
7:00am kenneth rudolf
8:00am Carolyn Dieckmann
9:00am Carolyn Dieckmann
10:00am Jordan and Jill Edwards
11:00am Carolyn Billman
12:00pm Christy Moenter
1:00pm Jim Dietz
2:00pm Joe Livers
3:00pm Debbie Salatin
4:00pm Millie Bedel
5:00pm Lindsay Feist
6:00pm Mary Washburn
7:00pm Lisa and Thomas Brown
8:00pm David and Mary Jean Wessel
9:00pm Deb Weigel
Bill Meer
10:00pm Susan Dreyer
Beth Enneking
Denise Hillenbrand
Time Adorers
12:00am Millie and Dan Shane
1:00am Janet Maple
2:00am Gary Kuntz
3:00am Marian Ahern
4:00am Rosie and Richard Koehne
5:00am Albert and Ellie Amberger
6:00am Pat and Tom Blank
7:00am Betty Federle
8:00am Susan Roell
9:00am Pam and Ed Gerdowski
10:00am Shirley Laker
11:00am Karen White
12:00pm Barb Kruthaupt
Connie Moody
1:00pm Jerry Dickman
2:00pm Michael Eisele
3:00pm Gil Salatin
4:00pm Dallas and Linda Suding
5:00pm Family of Dan Tekulve
6:00pm Mary Washburn
7:00pm Maria Orozco
8:00pm Maureen Grote
Mary Harrah
9:00pm Faith and Nick Batta
10:00pm Pat Meer
Al Geis
11:00pm Jim/Toby Oesterling
Walt Hullemeyer
Time Adorers
12:00am Nancy Mauk
1:00am Gary Kuntz
2:00am Gary Kuntz
Donna and Dennis Feller
3:00am Donna and Dennis Feller
4:00am Dan Meer
5:00am Michael Brelage
6:00am Shari Simmermeyer
7:00am Deb and Dave Hartman
8:00am Susan Kohrman
9:00am Kim Kinker
10:00am Morgan Fullenkamp
12:00pm Bertie Schmidt
1:00pm Mary Moorman
Wende Lambert
2:00pm Theresa Nobbe
3:00pm Jerry Lanning
4:00pm Tammy Wintz
5:00pm Donald & Marilyn Freyer
6:00pm Karen Stier
Karen Wilhelm
7:00pm Terri and Steve Nobbe
8:00pm Jon and Jenny Geers
Shawnn and Diana Storms
9:00pm Karen Bruns
10:00pm Mike and Rita Fritsch
11:00pm Keith Moenter
Time Adorers
12:00am Denean Williams
1:00am Denean Williams
Gary Kuntz
2:00am Gary Kuntz
3:00am Mitch Sitterding
4:00am Adam Ramsey
5:00am Gladys Dall
6:00am Jerry Eckstein
7:00am Linda Fegley
8:00am Nick Maple
9:00am Carin Walsman
10:00am Brenda Frey
11:00am Maureen Dreiling
12:00pm Jane Walke
1:00pm Cassie Wessel
2:00pm Kevin Chaffee
3:00pm Maria Blankman
4:00pm Tina Waechter
5:00pm Erica Case
6:00pm Ben and Joni Huber
7:00pm John and Natasha Kellerman
8:00pm Allie Waechter
9:00pm Rick and Anne Meer
10:00pm Jason Frey
11:00pm Kathy Mattucci
Time Adorers
12:00am Monica Butz
1:00am Gary Kuntz
2:00am Whitey Weberding
3:00am Whitey Weberding
Gary Weigel
4:00am Gary Weigel
5:00am James Dickey
6:00am Greg Trabel
7:00am Beth and Chuck Stone
8:00am Mary Sitterding
9:00am Bob Ziegler
10:00am Patricia Walke
11:00am Bertie Schmidt
12:00pm Carolyn Billman
1:00pm Carolyn Billman
2:00pm Jane O'Grady
3:00pm Nikki Hutchinson
John Strange
4:00pm Cathy Sullivan
5:00pm Carolyn Rennekamp
6:00pm Wayne and Barb Gunselman
7:00pm Charlotte Buening
8:00pm Gary Kuntz
9:00pm Gary Weigel
10:00pm Anna Angle
11:00pm Tom and Mary Bedel
Time Adorers
12:00am Kim Kinker
1:00am Kim Kinker
2:00am Gary Kuntz
3:00am Gary Kuntz
4:00am Gary Weigel
5:00am Cassie Wessel
6:00am Mike Vierling
7:00am Ed and Debbie Kraus
8:00am Brenda Moorman
9:00am Nancy Meer
10:00am Joan Haessig
11:00am Janice Werner
12:00pm Mary Harrah
1:00pm Carolyn Billman
2:00pm Carolyn Billman
3:00pm Terri Nobbe
4:00pm Cindy Wanstrath
5:00pm Adam Litmer
6:00pm Eric and Tonya Hudepohl
7:00pm Mike Garvey
8:00pm Ron and Mary Beth Freyer
9:00pm Karen Bruns
10:00pm Steve Fullenkamp
Cindy Cornett
11:00pm Ted Telles