St. Pius X - White Bear Lake, MN - Adoration Signup

Make a regular commitment to Eucharistic Adoration.

If you don't see your preferred hour available or you'd like to sign up for a shorter commitment, please contact us.
Time Adorers
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9:00am Bernie Reiland
Carol Hamilton
10:00am Marjorie Tushaus
11:00am Mary E Ryan
Mary Fuller
12:00pm Kathy Matschke
Scott Bance
1:00pm Joan McGrath
Ruth Flynn
2:00pm Lauri & Tony Fontano
Audrey McKoskey
3:00pm Jean Ann Nowak
JoAn Burk
4:00pm Bruce Stepnick
Pat Wise
5:00pm Erin Wilcox
Jack Nordgren
6:00pm Helen & Dick Bouchee
Melissa Johnson
Time Adorers
9:00am Mike Hynes
Mary Peterson
10:00am Bernice Schneider
11:00am Linda Talmage
12:00pm Liz Kasper
Erick Schimnowski
1:00pm Barb York
2:00pm Karen Fry
3:00pm Joan Anastasi
Liz Kelly
4:00pm Heather Anderson
Kimberly Ficcadenti
5:00pm Ginny Arcand
6:00pm Doug & Jane Hansmann
Time Adorers
9:00am Rock Wittkop
10:00am Pat Wittkop
11:00am Bobbie Driscoll
Cathy Kieffer
12:00pm Deb Sandquist
Bernie McClurg
1:00pm Deborah LaValle
2:00pm Hub & Patti Meeds
Romie & Dianne Blatzheim
3:00pm Tom & Ramona Kehoe
4:00pm Judy Vennewitz
5:00pm Kathleen O'Hern
Mike Doran
6:00pm Cathy Cich
7:00pm Bob & Danelle McLeod
Tom & Kathy Zweber
8:00pm Emma Koller
Acacia Schlosser
Time Adorers
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9:00am Andrea Cowell
Maureen Anthony
10:00am Fr. T.J. McKenzie
Jo Stahlecker
11:00am Carolyn Heim
Kathleen O'Hern
12:00pm Lita Murray
Pat Wittkop
1:00pm Wayne Wise
3:00pm Laurie Sampair
4:00pm Ron & Mary Sternal
Ken & Mary Traeger (May - Oct)
5:00pm Kathy Rosand
6:00pm Kevin & Jan Molohon
Daniel and Lucina Lyons
7:00pm Jack Dorcey
David Kolling
8:00pm John Gion
Michelle Latvala
Time Adorers
8:00am Bob & Margie Sevenich
9:00am JoAn Burk
Beth Cermak
10:00am Jo Fleming
11:00am Lil Lopez
Nina Bechel
12:00pm Michael Morrissey
1:00pm Mike and Susan Lavely
Michael Lavely
2:00pm Katie Thomas (May - Oct)
Kathleen O'Hern
3:00pm Bob Thomas (May - Oct)
Kathleen O'Hern
4:00pm Kathy Schwartz (Apr - Oct)
Mary Geyer
5:00pm Patty Bradway
6:00pm Thomas McMahon
Time Adorers
Time Adorers
10:00am Kim Williams
11:00am Kim Williams
Mark Kluge