St. Benilde - Metairie, LA - Adoration Signup

Make a regular commitment to Eucharistic Adoration.

If you don't see your preferred hour available or you'd like to sign up for a shorter commitment, please contact us.
Time Adorers
7:00am Lee S
8:00am Mary Ann T
Preston C
9:00am Galyn L
10:00am Janet B
Velma D
11:00am Judy W
12:00pm Effie D
1:00pm Marilyn H
2:00pm Fay C
3:00pm Gloria C
4:00pm Betty T
5:00pm Rebecca H
6:00pm Maria B
7:00pm Millie A
8:00pm Lisa I
9:00pm Gina H
10:00pm Tommy D
11:00pm Robert H
Time Adorers
12:00am Joe V
1:00am Jeremy P
2:00am Danny P
4:00am Philip C
5:00am Kevin B
6:00am Charles R
7:00am Yvonne M
8:00am Elaine S
9:00am Rose P
Roger A
Ruth M
11:00am Helen G
12:00pm Phil S
1:00pm Jeanette D
2:00pm Peggy W
3:00pm Dawn P
4:00pm Lynne E
5:00pm Kim S
6:00pm Brian A
7:00pm Matthew K
Samantha K
8:00pm David/Rebeca B
9:00pm Stephen B
10:00pm Phil B
Shawn P
11:00pm Chris O
Time Adorers
12:00am Chris O
1:00am Carolyn H
2:00am Jerry P
3:00am Cindy D
4:00am Kathy/David K
5:00am Jason H
6:00am Mike S
7:00am Anna M
8:00am Lee S
9:00am Suzanne B
10:00am Rosalina H
11:00am Ann H
12:00pm Jean D
Lawrence D
1:00pm Maria B
2:00pm Barry D
3:00pm Carol B
4:00pm Rich C
5:00pm Melissa/Andrew W
6:00pm Andrea and jay M
Jennifer L
7:00pm Roe L
Trisha S (2)
8:00pm Nancy T
9:00pm Mary L
10:00pm Mary Catherine/Ron O
11:00pm Kaitlyn S
Time Adorers
12:00am Louis F
1:00am Danny P
2:00am Danny P
3:00am Charlese B
4:00am Paul D
5:00am George R
6:00am Kevin/Casey S
7:00am Barra B
8:00am Preston C
9:00am Phyllis R
10:00am Cindy C
11:00am Caterina O
12:00pm Darlene W
1:00pm Charles R
2:00pm Kathy K
3:00pm Cindy D
Gabby G
4:00pm Lynne E
5:00pm Kevin/Eileen H
6:00pm Rosemary G
7:00pm Holly P
8:00pm Catherine J
9:00pm Tom H
10:00pm Mike E
11:00pm Stephen G
Time Adorers
12:00am Kay/Barra B
1:00am Louis F
2:00am Robert S
4:00am Derek D
5:00am Evelyn B
6:00am Mary Ann C
7:00am Mary Ann G
Maryann G
8:00am Lee S
10:00am Maria B
11:00am Rosemary G
12:00pm Virginia B
1:00pm Rich C
2:00pm Denice O
Darlene P
Cherri P
3:00pm Judy D
4:00pm Catherine A
5:00pm Olivia N
6:00pm Stacy B
Tiffani P
7:00pm Audrey H
Karen V
8:00pm Luis N
9:00pm Judy Z
Time Adorers
Time Adorers