St. Vincent de Paul - Denver, CO - Adoration Signup

Make a regular commitment to Eucharistic Adoration.

If you don't see your preferred hour available or you'd like to sign up for a shorter commitment, please contact us.
Time Adorers
11:00am Ralph L
12:00pm Richard and Maura F
1:00pm Nancy and Bob F
2:00pm Mary D
Monica B
3:00pm Joyce B
4:00pm Diana & Stan E
5:00pm Lee Ann R
Anne L
6:00pm Doyle Family (6) C
7:00pm Kathleen Q
8:00pm Dan C
9:00pm Joe & Lynn T
Time Adorers
11:00am Dennis J
Kathy J
12:00pm Jen F
1:00pm Renee K
Maura F
2:00pm michael b
3:00pm Melanie M
4:00pm Mary C
Nancy K
5:00pm Blake B
Madelyn Q
6:00pm Senite S
7:00pm Denise F
Time Adorers
11:00am Maura F
Richard F
Gail C
12:00pm Sara B
1:00pm Sally V
2:00pm Marcia G
Greg V
3:00pm Gregg S
Biruta S
4:00pm Chris R
5:00pm Alison N
6:00pm Melanie M
7:00pm Milinazzo Family M
8:00pm Joanne B
9:00pm Johnathon & Dana P
Time Adorers
11:00am Bill L
Sarah D
Kathy L
Diann H
Fr. H
1:00pm Erin S
2:00pm Leslea W
3:00pm Marisa B
4:00pm Katie S
5:00pm Suzanne N
Molly T
6:00pm Cathleen G
7:00pm Michelle L
Grace R
8:00pm Mike L
Ana S
9:00pm Ellen Mike Natalie B
Time Adorers
11:00am Jeñ S
Jeñ S
12:00pm Raymond O
2:00pm Lizzie H
Lizzie H
3:00pm Mike and Meg H
4:00pm Sarah T
5:00pm Fran T
6:00pm Melanie M
7:00pm Kristin V
8:00pm Daniel C
9:00pm Stephanie M
Time Adorers
Time Adorers
11:00am Tom and Sarah T
12:00pm Sarah A
2:00pm Lizzie H
3:00pm Jaclyn A
4:00pm Lea K
5:00pm Heather A
6:00pm Carrie S
8:00pm Kristine M
9:00pm Gregory S